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Mike Redmond Column

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 It’s Not the Anger - It’s the Medicine!

I used to be kind of angry - not road-rage angry, or parking-myself-atop-a-tall-building-with-a-high-powered-rifle, and certainly not your-average-political-chat-board-contributor angry. More like simmering angry - but angry just the same.

I tended to express it with sarcasm and put-downs, which is one of the reasons I enjoy writing. I see something that honks me off and I do what comes naturally: make fun of it. Then the steam stops rolling out of my ears and everything's back to normal.

But lately I seem to have turned a corner. Anger, any kind of anger, is kind of heavy. It's tiring to lug around a big load of honked-offitude all day. And it would appear as though I've had my fill of it, because things that used to just frost me now amuse me more than anything. In fact, I've begun to see them as more or less necessary for a balanced, modern life.

I suppose this is a good time to mention that I just had a couple of my prescriptions ramped up.

Even so, I still say the best way to deal with the things that make you angry is to turn their negative power to the good and use it for your benefit.

Let's take the kid who sacked my groceries by putting the canned goods in a single bag, the bread in a double and then threw large navel oranges and an eight-finger bunch of bananas right on top of the Roman Meal.

Once upon a time I would have grumbled about it for two days, and ended up writing something about morons who aren't even smart enough to tell heavy from light or solid from spongy. Now I just think, "Well, that'll make some interesting-looking grilled-cheese sandwiches" and remember to avoid that buffoon's checkout lane next time.

Or how about when some arrogant clod ... I mean, when a fellow driver, behind the wheel of a Hummer with the Extra Testosterone Package, bumps you from behind and sends you skidding across three lanes of traffic so he can barrel through a school zone at 75 mph.

"Goodness Gracious!" you can say when you arrive at work. "I certainly had an adventure on my way in today!"

Excuse me. The dog is barking.

I'm back. The weird old guy who lives up the block has had a bunch of heavy trash - an old table, one of those particle-board entertainment centers, sheets of plywood, cardboard boxes (including one for adult diapers - eww) piled up in back of his garage for weeks. The entire neighborhood has been complaining about it, to no avail.

Well, guess what I just found piled up back of my garage?

Did that idiot think I wouldn't notice? Did he think I might not recognize this junk even though I have driven past it twice a day since the middle of May? Did he think I'd just take care of it and not give it another thought? The nerve of some people. They go around making a mess of the world and expect the rest of us to just roll over and let them do it. Excuse me again. I'm going up the street for a little neighborly chat. And I'm taking a Louisville Slugger with me. And when I get back, I am getting on the phone ... to tell my doctor we might want to keep adjusting the medication.




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