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Mike Redmond Column

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 Info Super Highway: No Gas Needed!

I just filled the tank of my motorcycle, for about what I used to pay to fill up my truck. If gas prices go any higher, we'll soon be paying for gasoline what we pay for bottled water.

Anyway, these gas prices are putting a crimp in my summer travel plans. I was thinking of taking a cross-country trip this year. Now I'm thinking I might be able to ride my bike up to Mom's house if I don't waste money on food.

This is what we relics of the 20th Century call a "bummer." I had been hoping to visit some of those wacky museums you see advertised on the side of the road - "World's Largest Collection of Cypress Knees," "International Hairbrush Hall of Fame," "Uncle Louie's Pancake Land And Alligator Farm." You know, all the places I begged my parents to stop when we went on our infrequent vacations, and all the places my father zoomed right past, ignoring my argument that we would benefit from the educational aspect of seeing guys wrestling alligators. After which we could all get some pancakes.

Well, anyway, I was feeling kind of "bummed" when I remembered that you don't have to burn gasoline to visit museums anymore. You can do it online. And while you may not get alligator wrestling and pancakes out of the deal, it can still be entertaining.

I give you:

The Original Condiment Package Museum.

Just type into your browser and you'll be whisked away (sort of) to a magical land of ketchup packages. Also mustard, relish, barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, hot sauce, salad dressing, seasoning, lemon juice, salt, pepper and coffee additive packages, not to mention two, count 'em, two pages of miscellaneous. I don't know about you, but to me a burger just isn't a burger unless you top it with a big dollop of miscellany.

You'll find everything here except sugar packets. That's another website.

You know, it's funny but I just spent a good 15 minutes at this site, which I guarantee you is about 14 minutes longer than I would have spent at the Hairbrush Hall of Fame. And while I kept telling myself it was ridiculous, I couldn't help becoming interested in the idea of having all these packages of the same stuff all of them pretty much alike, and yet all of them different. And it all just goes to show that … well, I'm not sure what it shows, other than proving I am very easily entertained.

Maybe it's just one of those things we can chalk up to the wonders of the internet. Someone out there is fascinated by condiment packages (the site seems to be anonymous) and shows us online. In a sense, it's no different from a guy displaying his collection of beer cans on the rec room wall. And then inviting the entire world to come and look at it.

The cyber world is full of stuff like this, collections of everything from cereal toys to lunchboxes to matchbooks, and I suppose you could make a big speech here about the human need to collect, catalog and display, as a way to bring perspective and context to our lives.

You could, but I wouldn't. For me, this stuff is just be fun.

I doubt I'd ever say that about cypress knees.




© 2007 Mike Redmond. All Rights Reserved.