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 After Much Debate, CAB Changed School Lunch Milk Provider in 1983


Glen Cunningham has been acting superintendent of the Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corporation, temporarily replacing superintendent William Freel, who remains hospitalized. School board president Vester Jackson said Freel had been taken to Hendrick’s County Memorial Hospital in Danville Sunday afternoon, and was admitted to the coronary care unit. Cunningham is currently the principal of Knightstown Elementary School.

Complaints of poor quality milk in the school lunch program have prompted CAB school board members to award the contract to a different company. After fielding complaints about the milk and deliver service, school board members voted 4-2 to change from Meadow Gold Dairy to Miller’s Dairy. After hearing a complaint from one parent and school corporation food administrator Judy Barnes, the board held an extensive debate on the quality of the milk being served to students.

The local Meadow Gold Dairy is owned by Jack and Anna Wyatt of Knightstown, and has had the school corporation contract for more than 30 years, “Virtually without complaint,” according to board president Jackson. Jackson and Sarah Ward voted against making the change.

Acting on a tip received from a caller in Connersville, Knightstown Police Department members arrested an Indiana man sought since may in connection with a double-murder that occurred in 1979. Law enforcement officers arrested James. L. Kellams, 37, as he drove on U.S. Hwy. 40 just east of Knightstown. Kellams had been charged with murder in the deaths of Mary Ann Higginbotham and Timothy Willoughby, of Clayton, IN. Assisting in the arrest was KPD Marshal Robert Bitler and deputies Danny Baker and Tom Nelson.

Death Notices Published in 1983: James H. Brown, 67; Edward C. Bever, 68; Mary E. Pickett, 94; Woodrow Howe, 70; James C. McCormick, 42.


Lt. and Mrs. Fred Johnson left Monday for the island of Crete, where he will be stationed for one year. Mrs. Johnson is the former Kathy Jolly, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jolly.

Beverly Dulake, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dulake of Costa Mesa, Cal., former Carthage residents, has landed a part in an upcoming television program, The Brady Bunch. The episode will be released in about two months.


Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCormack and children, Terry and Kathleen, are vacationing in the Ozark Mountains this week.

Dan Collier and Wilkinson and Norma Klipsch were injured in an accident near Kennard just before press time.

Sixty persons were in attendance for a reunion of the old country schools of Wayne Township, held on the grounds of the Central School. Ora Simpson will be president of the alumni association for the coming year.

Purdence Wellbourne Baxter, the daughter of the American Consol General William O. Baxter and Mrs. Baxter of Calcutta, India, made her debut at the Royal Calcutta Golf Course. Mr. Baxter is a native of Knightstown.


John Powers, prominent pioneer and Knightstown citizen, celebrated his 98th birthday this week with a party attended by more than half of the residents of this fair community.

The home of Julius Bell on West Grant St. in Knightstown was destroyed by fire last week.

Workmen are busy excavating the ground for a new home that will be occupied by new resident Mrs. Richard Schweizer. The home will be located on the corner of Washington and Carey Streets in Knightstown and will be equipped with a basement.

A new central school building is being planned for Wayne Township, to be constructed at the intersection of Maple Valley and Grant City Pikes. The location lacks 30 yards of being the exact center of Wayne Township and is roughly two miles north of the cemetery.


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