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 Sullivan's, Sunoco Robbed in 1973


Onabelle Parker, affectionately known as “Nurse Parker”, has been named the Knightstown Chamber of Commerce “Citizen of the Year” at a ceremony held at the St. Rose Catholic Church.

Sarah (Peggy) Gorman Akers, 33, was killed in a fiery auto accident next to the Indiana Soldier’s and Sailor’s Children’s Home on SR 140.

Two Knightstown-area businesses were hit by armed robbers over the weekend. Sullivan’s Liquor Store, on Main Street, and the Sunoco Travel Mart, located at SR 109 and I-70, were both victimized. Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the robbery of the liquor store, including Robert Lee Kracht, 18, and Winona McCorkill, no age given, both of Greenfield. Kracht allegedly entered the liquor store at 12:30 a.m. Sunday with a pillow case over his head and pointed a weapon at owner Joe Sullivan, demanding cash from the register. The next day the Travel Mart was hit by armed robbers using similar methods. That robbery eventually led to the arrest of Kenneth McCorkill, husband of Winona, and police connecting the two incidents.

Mrs. Pam Kirk Sorrell, 20, a resident of Knightstown, was severely injured in Indianapolis over the weekend when she was struck by an automobile. She underwent surgery for a broken leg and is listed in “satisfactory” condition.

A Carthage resident has been charged with child abandonment after four of her children were found alone in their home. The children range in the ages of seven-to-16, were found alone and said their mother had been gone about two weeks. Police are searching for the mother, Janet Cameron, who disappeared on Jan. 3 with her two youngest children. Police said she had been depressed since the death of her husband months earlier, and had been struggling to raise their six children. The four children were placed with an aunt in Portland, although one was hospitalized for a high fever. The family moved to Carthage 10 months ago.


George Schatzlein has been named president of the Knightstown Chamber of Commerce for the calendar year 1963.

Bryon Hiner, well-known young farmer of Center Township, was named to the Hall of Fame at Purdue University on the basis of his winning of several corn shows.

Dr. Charles Barnhart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Barnhart and graduate of Charlottesville High School, has been promoted to associate director of the University of Kentucky’s Agricultural Experimentation Station. He was also named Kentucky 1962 “Man of the Year in Service to Agriculture.”

Penny Farthing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Casey Farthing of Kennard, is the recipient of the Knightstown High School “Future Homemakers of Tomorrow Award."


Henry County Senator Netterville will introduce a bill in the General Assembly that will regulate the speed in which motor cars may travel on roads in Indiana. Speeds on highways will be 25 mph, edge-of-city roads 15 mph, and inside city roads 12 mph. The speed regulations are the direct result of an increasing number of traffic accidents due to excessive speed. In Knightstown last week, R. Hays, a local man, was painfully injured when the car he was driving at speeds of more than 30 mph, threw a wheel and overturned. Hayes was pinning beneath the car. The only thing that kept him from being crushed was the mud road, and the weight of the auto nearly buried him alive.


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