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 Carthage School Demolition Was Controversial in 1977


A crowd of more than 100 people, mostly from Ripley Township, filled the Knightstown Lower Elementary School cafeteria Monday night to hear the presentation of the Charles A. Beard school board’s proposal for the demolition of the Carthage Bundy Building, the transfer of Carthage seventh and eighth grades to Knightstown High School, and the construction of a new addition to the Carthage school.



Friends of the Public Library met to organize for 1972-73 and to elect new officers. Pat Gelwicks will be the new president, Sandra Van Hoy the vice-president and Frieda Newcomer the secretary-treasurer.

Robert L. Winters, of Carthage, attended the 30th annual Tax and Management Seminar at the Indianapolis Athletic Club earlier this month.

An opinion poll will be held this Saturday in Shirley for voters in the North Ward to elect a representative to the town board. Sally Aldrich and Wilbur Lowe are the candidates for the vacancy.



Named as D.A.R. Good Citizens at their schools are Brenda Hanson of Knightstown, Rhonda Reddick of Carthage and Diana Bergen of Spiceland.

Nancy Kissick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kash Kissick of Greensboro Township, was chosen as the County Corn Queen at the corn and grain banquet in New Castle. Kissick, a freshman at Ball State University, was an active member in 4-H club work.

Airman Clifford Aker of Carthage left from Indianapolis for Travis Air Force Base in California, and will later be sent to Thailand.



Dr. Ralph Dreyer, Knightstown physician, has been notified by the United States government that he is to report to active duty with the U.S. Navy at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He will be working with the Medical Corps and has been commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander.

Rev. Dale Stackhouse, former pastor of the Methodist Church in Knightstown, died in a Fort Wayne hospital at age 44 after a long illness. He left Knightstown in 1945 after being here for five years.



One of the cabins at Mt. Lawn, near Greensboro, was destroyed by fire Monday evening. The blaze threatened to destroy the entire colony of cabins. The New Castle fire department was called and was able to save the remaining cabins, although some did receive damage by both fire and smoke.



Paving has been completed on Main Street in Carthage, and the road connecting residents to Knightstown has also been completed. Residents wanting to travel between the two towns can now make a direct connection by driving on the Carthage-Knightstown Pike.

Knightstown grocery stores say they have little or no sugar in stock and it has been almost impossible to obtain any from wholesalers. Local grocers have been limiting customers to purchases of 10-to-15 cents worth of sugar in efforts to make the last of supplies last.