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 Ohlemiller Honored as ‘Lion of the Year’ in 1982


DeLone Henley, a member of American Legion Post 152 in Knightstown, has been elected 10th District Commander of the American Legion for the 1982-83 program year. She will lead the 10th district delegation to the National Convention in Chicago in August.

Bill Maxwell was elected commander of Post 152. Other officers installed at recent ceremonies include First Vice-Commander John Hall, Adjutant David Newkirk, Finance Officer Jerry Livingston, Service Officer Lee Pride, and Sergeant of Arms Richard Tielking. Past commanders Leonard Stacey and Glen Mattix will serve on the Board of Trustees with Jack Collins, David Livingston, Tom Palmer and Bill Brewer.

Two Knightstown residents are behind bars after police raided a home on North Street, next to the high school, in which 42 marijuana plants were found growing in a garden in the back yard.

Robert Ohlemiller was the recipient of the Lion of the Year award during ceremonies held last week. Ohlemiller is a 24-year member of the Knightstown club.

District FFA officers were elected at the FFA Association State Convention at Purdue University. Knightstown chapter member Dawn Stoten was elected Secretary, and Brent Stoten was elected President. Tri High chapter member Jonathan Maloyed was elected Vice President.



The 1972 Shirley Lions Club Fair ended Saturday night with the crowning of 16-year-old Diana Tompkins as queen. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Tompkins, and is a junior at Eastern Hancock High School.

A reception at the Wilkinson Church of Christ will honor the minister and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. Lilburn Simmons, on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Announced as being on the Dean’s List at their respective schools were Rheta Cooney at Morehead State University, Risa Post and Robert Sorrell at Hanover College. All are Knightstown High School graduates.

Mrs. Cecil (Louise J.) Pike of near Carthage retired from teaching school at the close of this year after teaching for the past 31 years.



Ercel Bever was named acting postmaster at Carthage, succeeding Elmer Porter, postmaster for the last two years.

An engineer from the construction company hired to build the new swimming pool in Knightstown’s Sunset Park will be arriving in town this week. Construction will begin around August 1 at an estimated cost of $25,000.

A farmer near Spiceland lost two Jersey calves and two horses in a field were killed after storms rolled through the area and caused thousands of dollars in damages due to flash flooding and relentless lightning. Several roads were washed out, and two bridges were condemned after nearly collapsing due to the washing away of roads leading to the bridges.



A fire which erupted in the film room of the Alhambra Theater in down town Knightstown caused considerable damage. The fire started during the showing of a movie, and film fans were quickly ushered out of the building with little panic or trouble. The fire was confined to one room, and George Craig, who was in the film projecting room, stuck to his post in the intense heat, trying to fight the blaze until firemen arrived. Only minor injuries were reported.