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 Meredith Avery Among Area Girl Scouts, Brownies


Candidates for the 1984 Carthage Fall Festival Queen include Lori Hamilton, Sherri Davis, Lisa Mercer, Amanda Westerfeld, Michelle Sims, Missy White, Teresa Smalley, Tina Lightle, Pam Lane, Terri Gulley and Lisa Magee.

The Festival also announced new categories for the Pet Parade. For more information residents should contact organizers Tom and Claire Mercer.

The Knightstown Junior Heart Unit will be meeting again next months. Persons interested in joining should contact President Eddie Hager, Vice President Robin Riley, Treasurer Tari Noe, or Anita Cook of Public Relations.

The Knightstown-Kennard Girl Scouts and Brownies held their annual kick-off wiener roast at Sunset Park. Those attending were Amy Patton, Missy Byrnes, Meredith Avery, Amanda Boler, first grade leader Marsha Boler, Kerri Butcher, Carrie Campbell, Laura Cathcart, Amanda Cavaletto, Dawn Cunningham, Rachel Kemp, Mandy McDonald, Bobbi Rhodes, Sherri Williams, Carlene Rose, Amy Brooks, Esta Mae Denny, Kelly McClure, second grade leaders Jane Campbell and Debbie Butcher.

Also attending were Andrea Simon, Natalie Elliott, Stephanie Cunningham, Kelly DeWees, Carrie Williams, Stephanie Jones, Amanda Nelson, Meghan McCullers, Dusty Sitton, Alysha Jones, Amber Rhodes, Julie Hamm, Heather Springman, Wendy Weimer, Mary Wittkamper, Carrie Livingston, Kara Mofield, Amber Butcher, leaders Barbara Mofield, Jeanine McCullers and Kathy Wittkamper, Wendy McClure, Tina Kemp, Marcia Stroud, Valeria McDonald, Melissa Grilliott, Shannon Haase, Jenny Cathcart, Erica Bergmann, Kris Abraham, Elissa Hamm, Cheyenne Sitton, Monica Weimer, Beth Armstrong, Wendy Means, leaders Sue White and Gloria Means, Dana Pitts, Deanna Peck, Amy Smith, Tonya Jesse, Michelle Starling, Cheri Hutson, Aimee Fowler, leaders Debbie Starling and Donna Peck.



The Plank family reunion was held last week at Sunset Park in Knightstown. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Plank, Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Roland and family, Mrs. Lorraine Plank, Mr. and Mrs. Buford Plank, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Steeley and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Plank and Ryan, Mrs. Larry Manning and Lisa, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hooker, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Plank and Jennifer, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Morgan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morgan and family and Mrs. and Mrs. Cloy Morgan.

KHS junior class officers were elected last week. Those results are Julie Carroll, president; Doug Abrams, vice president; Jayana Silver, secretary; and Eric Barnes, treasurer.

Student council representatives elected last week include John Betz, Kenny Henderson, Darrin Martin, Von Wasson, Mark Swincher, Mark Fort, Anna Moore, Holly Burgess, Dana Queener, Tammy Wade, Greg Clark, Cindy Hahn, Beth Johnson, Tracy Peacock, Sarah Riley, Anna Wyatt, Steve Brock, Nancy Eddy, Robin Gregory, Carol McCord, Judy Pugh and Kyle Tweedy.

Also, Carol Bence, Susan Hall, Roxanne Miller, Molly Myers, Patty Trimnell, Alice Devine, Dennis Greenwalt, Jim Lewis, Tena Richmond and Michelle Voris.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sitler entertained guests to celebrate the 14th birthday of their son Chris. Guests were Rick Nation, Mike Wade, Marc Armstrong, Kent Armstrong, Bobby Myers, Roger Kilmer, Ronnie Hamilton, Jeff Lewis, Andy Loy and Steve Richardson.




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