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Ramblings by Rose Mary

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 Last Second Changes Bring Excitement

You never know what’s going to happen one second from now! You may be going tranquilly along, minding your own business when suddenly you’re caught up in a disaster close to home.

For all his intellect, Homo sapiens is still a creature of nature and subject to its forces. My niece, Cynthia who lives in Lexington, felt tremors during the recent earthquake in southern Illinois. After the one in China, she e-mailed an article about earthquake survival written by a man who was a disaster relief specialist for the U.N.

He learned that what we’re taught about surviving an earthquake may cause us to be killed. If you can’t run out of the building, don’t stand in a doorway or get under a table or piece of furniture that will collapse on top of you and crush you. Instead, you should get close to an outside wall and assume a fetal position next to a chair or piece of furniture.

Last week a younger acquaintance had a nasty experience when he left work at Keystone at the Crossing at 9:30 PM. He had just locked his car doors and started the engine when two men came up and pounded on the car. One of them put a gun against the window and aimed it at his head. He screamed, “I’m not (bleeping) with you. Open the door and give us your money, or I’ll shoot you.” Jeff said, “I tromped on the accelerator and took off like a bat out of Hell!” “What saved me is that I always lock my doors and start the engine immediately with no messing around. Also, I always park so that I can pull forward out of a parking space rather than backing up.”

Neither Kathleen nor we have ever had such frightening experiences during our travels. However, there would have been a parental earthquake of a great magnitude had her parents known how she was living in Europe, where she spent over a year in the early 70s between her sophomore and junior years of college.

Following her sojourn in the ratty apartment above a dirty Algerian bar, she went to Frankfurt, Germany, to hook up with a girlfriend and join a tour group that was going to Russia. When she got there she received the nasty surprise that her friend had returned to the U.S. for a visit and had taken their airplane tickets with her.

What to do? Kathleen went to the airport and explained the situation. Even though she was on the manifest, they wouldn’t let her board the plane. She had no money, but she refused to ask her parents for help because it had been agreed that she would spend her own money. “I would have slept under a bridge before I would have asked my parents,” she said. I had a Eurail pass, so I could have spent months riding around on trains. In fact, I slept in train stations many times.”

“Heavens! What did you do?” “I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat down on the floor and sobbed.” Some American businessmen saw me sitting there in my grimy tee shirt and jeans and asked me what was wrong.

“They contacted the tour director and said, ‘She’s on the manifest. Why not let her on the plane? If she turns out to be a fake, you can always kick her out of the group.’”

“If you didn’t have any money, what did you eat?” “The tour included all meals. They served caviar every night. Since I don’t like caviar, I traded mine off so I could have a glass of wine with my dinner.”

That’s Kathleen for you. She’s the kind of person who can take life’s lemons and turn them into lemonade – or exchange caviar for wine!

With such a mother, her son and daughter were bound to be adventurous. Although she’s an attorney, she’s also sort of an Auntie Mame who would say to her nephew, “Come with me, darling!” as a prelude to getting them involved in an adventure. For example, Kathleen took her son to Kenya as part of his Eagle Scout work.

My own little mother could only dream of grand adventures. In those days, very few people could set off on adventures. However, she gave me a precious gift by reading to me when I was a child as old Granny had done with her and her brothers. Also, she savored the little adventures around her - the arrival of the wrens, the blooming of the first crocus, the rising and setting of the sun. One learns to cut one’s adventures to fit one’s circumstances.


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