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Ramblings by Rose Mary

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 Try Recycling Last Year's Resolutions

As soon as I get around to it, I’ll finish my annual New Year’s column. Meanwhile, here’s the last of my Christmas Diary.

7:30 a.m. Christmas Eve: What a wonderful Christmas we’re having! My lengthy to-do lists, early preparation and meticulous planning have paid off, and everything’s ready for the great day. What bliss! I even went to Krogers early this morning and beat the last, mad influx of shoppers.

4 p.m.: We did have one trifling incident that’s akin to the is-the-tree-straight debate. As I was taking the ham out of the oven, Bill said, "Do you think it’s done?" "Yes." "But it was frozen. Was the bone thoroughly thawed?" (How the hell should I know if the bone was thawed?) "Sigh." The ham went back in the oven.

5:45 p.m.: All is calm. I just have to do the stuffing and then relax until time to go to the service at Irvington Methodist. … Uh-oh! Where are the onions? "Bill, did you buy onions?" "No, you said you would." "What are we going to do?" I yelled. "We have to have onions for stuffing, and Krogers is closing in 15 minutes!"

I grabbed my purse and keys and roared out of the garage, bound for the Kroger store that’s about three blocks from our house. The parking lot was so full that people were parking in unauthorized places and literally galloping across the lot in order to get into the store before six.

Using a grocery cart for support, I went at my fastest shuffle. One door was already closed, and a deputy sheriff stood at the other. I grabbed the onions. When a woman got in the check-out line behind me, the stony-faced young clerk snapped, "I’m closed." "Please," the woman pleaded, "I only have five things." I was opening my mouth to say, "Put your stuff with mine, and we’ll settle up afterwards," when the clerk relented grudgingly, "Oh, all right." People who tried to enter as I was leaving were told firmly by the deputy, "We’re closed, but K-Mart is open till midnight."

Christmas day: We had the is-the-turkey-done? debate. We pay no heed to the pop-out thingy as professional chefs say they’re unreliable. Every year we say that we’re going to get a meat thermometer, but never do. We had a lovely day with Sarah and visits from relatives who dropped in.

The morning of New Year’s Eve: This is my least favorite day of the year, when Bill will pack away our cherished decorations, and I have to thoroughly dust the house. Tomorrow, Grandson Bill and his wife will spend the night, and on Wednesday we’ll go to the Hoosier Dome, where he’ll join other members of the National Guard for a send-off before final training in Georgia prior to being shipped to Iraq in March.

Friend Bill Vrabel told us about his New Year’s resolutions. He said, "I decided in 2003 to keep it simple and realistic by having only a few resolutions. I went to my computer and typed three resolutions in big print. Then I put the page in a plastic sleeve and displayed it in my office where I see it every day." "What were your resolutions?" "Lose weight. Exercise more. Keep in better contact with friends."

"How’d it work?" "Well, the next January, I crossed out 2003 and wrote 2004. The next year I crossed out 2004 and wrote 2005. I did the same thing in 2006 and 2007. Now I suppose I’ll change it to 2008." How efficient!

I haven’t made any resolutions yet, but I think that I’ll have only one that I’ll print in huge type: "QUIT PROCRASTINATING!"--but I have to get around to it first. To be continued.


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