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 Occasionally, It's All About Timing and Good Luck

Okay, between the Chrome Dome e-mail bag, the phone and people stopping me on the street, we have several questions that need to be answered, so we’ll get right to it.

The first question came from a variety of people, including Mark, Susie, Peggy, Tracey and about a dozen others.

Q: Why isn’t there an Inside the Chrome Dome in the paper every week?

A: That’s an interesting question, thank you for asking.

The newspaper is always an interesting business, and various challenges find their way into the equation every week. Sometimes there are multiple surprises as well, like in that new A&E Network television series “The Rookies,” in which a rookie cop loses the evidence – a bag of marijuana - he had just taken from the perp. The rookie cop then back-tracks his steps to try to find it, and upon returning to the squad car, realizes he left the keys in it and the car is no longer there. Not a good day.

Sometimes the surprises are of a good nature, however. Over the weekend, my son, Richard, went hunting for deer. This is his eighth hunting season and he has never gotten a deer, so he was pretty much at the end of his rope. If he didn’t get one this year, he was probably going to give up the sport. All of those years of target practicing on his little sister Beth, using anything within reach, hadn’t panned out.

He had come close, mind you. A couple of years ago, sitting on the ground with his back against a tree, Richard fell asleep one cold November morning while waiting for a deer to pass through the area. When one innocently came strolling by and almost stepped on him, his surprised reaction startled the deer, and it disappeared into the thick woods in a split-second.

But luck came his way Saturday. A 10-point buck, possibly suicidal and wandering aimlessly through the woods because his fawns were in prison, his doe had left him and he had just lost his job at the tanning factory, practically walked up to Richard with a target painted on his chest.

No doubt this deer had been listening to some sad country music or something, but nonetheless, after nearly eight years on the hunt, Richard finally got his deer over the weekend. It was a perfect, clean shot.

Sometimes, it’s little changes in luck, just like that lost and suicidal deer, that make all the difference.

Then again, what appears to be a good change of luck can take a turn in the opposite direction.

Take, for example, a buddy of mine who felt pretty good about himself when he recently changed his daughter’s cell phone service to include unlimited texting. The new cell phone contract was going to save him more than $75 per month because of the amount of texting his daughter did with her friends.

A few days later, while the daughter was busy saving money on the new texting plan and driving her car at the same time, she rear-ended another vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light.

Based on my buddy’s $500 auto insurance deductible, it will be at least another six months before he sees any actual savings on the texting bill, not counting the increase in insurance premiums, which have yet to be received.

That reminds me. In one day recently, I stood in line to pay for gas, then stood in line to pay for a sandwich, and then later stood in line to pay for some milk. All three times, I waited in line behind a person who would not tell the clerk what they wanted until they finished answering a text message. Three lines, three different people, all completing text messages while everyone behind them waited. What is up with that?

However, it might explain how that deer Richard got was such a willing target. Maybe the deer was preoccupied because it was texting a friend? “Hey buck, u ben shot yet?”

And maybe it really is all about timing and good luck.

Anyway, I hope I have satisfactorily answered your questions.


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