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Inside the Chrome Dome (2007 column headlines)

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KHS Basketball Teams Have Statement Games This Week  (December 12, 2007)

Localized Holiday Movies Will Add to Season's Joy  (November 28, 2007)

I'm Going to Try This Hunting Thing One More Time  (November 21, 2007)

Talented Girls Open New Season with Two Potential Barnburners  (November 7, 2007)

There Are Some 'Fans' the Panthers Can Do Without  (October 31, 2007)

Chrome Dome Was No Match for Boondocks’ Haunted Trails  (October 24, 2007)

Talk Trash After You’ve Aced this Trivia Challenge  (October 17, 2007)

A Little More Toughness Could Take These Panthers a Long Way  (October 3, 2007)

Some Life Lessons are Mechanical in Nature  (September 5, 2007)

Panther Big Black Sack Attack Was ‘Dogs’ Demise  (August 22, 2007)

A Tale of Two Seasons for Panthers  (August 15, 2007)

Despite Minor Setbacks, Camping Trip Was Success  (August 8, 2007)

Race for Riley a Great Cause, But a Difficult Drive  (August 1, 2007)

The ‘Mother of All Camping Trips’ is This Weekend  (July 25, 2007)

Fishing For Bluegill Bites  (July 18, 2007)

Barry Elzey Could Teach Us a Good Lesson Today  (July 11, 2007)

Jordan Jessup, Tori McDonald are Winners of Inaugural ‘Chromy’ Awards  (July 4, 2007)

When Will We Get Over Out Self-Inflicted Paranoia?  (June 20, 2007)

Picking New Coach Could Be A Tough Move  (June 6, 2007)

Ballenger Leaving KHS to Coach Hamilton Heights  (May 30, 2007)

MIA Shrooms  (May 23, 2007)

Here’s to Hoping the Local Rumor Mill is Full of Crap  (May 9, 2007)

In Youth Softball, Spelling Counts  (May 2, 2007)

Youngster Wants Board to Rethink Cuts  (April 25, 2007)

True Golfers Have No Clue of Their Own Limitations  (April 18, 2007)

Picking Tournament Winners Can Become Squirrelly Process  (April 4, 2007)

Where Have All the Baseball Players Gone?  (March 21, 2007)

Don't Mistake the Chrome Dome for a Crystal Ball  (March 14, 2007)

Future is Bright for Panther, Royal Basketball Teams  (March 7, 2007)

Not in 35 Years Have Panthers Faced Bigger Odds  (February 28, 2007)

New Football Sectional Breakdown Intriguing  (February 21, 2007)

Levi’s Shorts: A Fashion Statement or Strategy?  (February 7, 2007)

Crunch Time Ahead for Varsity Panthers  (January 31, 2007)

At Halftime, KHS Resembled Night at The Improv  (January 24, 2007)

Colts’ Defensive Success Like Kandy at the Cash Register  (January 17, 2007)

According to Animal Instincts, Colts Will Not Win Super Bowl  (January 10, 2007)

Timing of Tip-Off Ticked Off Some Panther Fans  (January 3, 2007)




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