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Inside the Chrome Dome (archive October 2007)

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 Talk Trash After You’ve Aced this Trivia Challenge

Can Knightstown beat Triton Central this Friday night?

Well, stranger things have happened, and I’m inclined to believe that the Panthers can win that game if everything that needs to fall into place just takes the plunge.

Granted, there is a ton of difference between the opponent last week and the team the Panthers play this week. KHS lost to Tri-Central (0-8 at the time) Friday, and this week they play Triton Central (9-0).

Unfortunately, adding a ton to Tri-Central still doesn’t make those two teams comparable.

Because of that, nobody thinks the Panthers can win.

I know there are a lot of doubters out there, I can see you all lining up right now. But before you completely write off the Panthers, let’s see how much you really know about high school sports.

Just take the following sports trivia quiz, which I passed with a perfect score, and see who has the most sports smarts. Then you might think a little differently.

And yes, to prevent some of you from staying up all night long, the answers appear after each question. You should answer the question yourself before reading the right answer. Don’t cheat.


Q. True or False: Because Triton Central is undefeated and ranked number five in the state, there is no way the Panthers can win the football game, especially after last Friday’s horrible outing.

A. False. First of all, Triton Central’s nickname is the Tigers, which is kind of silly when you think about it. When we were kids, one of my sisters had a stuffed tiger, and the insides fell out when you threw it against the wall. Second, Knightstown just lost to an 0-8 team. It only makes sense in this really wacky football season that they could beat a 9-0 team the very next week.


Q. If a man is walking alone in the woods, and he says something, and there is not a woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

A. No. Men are never wrong.


Q. True or False: Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning than women.

A. True, according to the National Geographic Channel. Probably has something to do with chrome coating on some men’s heads, or possibly, the answer to the previous question.


Q. True or False: It takes glass one million years to decompose.

A. True, according to the Insulating Glass Manufacturer’s Alliance. And I want to know who monitored that experiment to verify long-term accuracy.


Q. True or False: Thousands of left-handed people are killed every year from using products made for right-handed people.

A. True, according to a study group that was given a $500,000 grant to gather facts on the all-important issue. But if almost everything is made for right-handed people, and everyone eventually dies, shouldn’t that number be a lot higher?


Q. True or False: Chickens can’t fly.

A. False. According to the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, the longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. I had a marriage that didn’t last that long.


Q. True or False: Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, as a child was afraid of the dark.

A. True, according to historians. Edison hated having any weakness, and looked unfavorably upon people who made light of his fear. What a weenie.


Q. True or False: A sneeze travels out of a woman’s mouth at over one million miles per hour.

A. True, and that’s hilarious. Okay, that’s false. It’s only 100 miles per hour. But even that’s funny.


Q. True or False: the original name of the “butterfly” was the “flutterby”.

A. True. The flutterby’s name was changed by accident long ago in a cornfield outside of Carthage during a kegger party. It eventually caught on worldwide.


Q. True or False: America once issued a half-cent coin.

A. True. The coin was first produced in 1793 and continued to be made for the next 60 years, according to the U.S. Mint. In 1793, the half-cent would purchase nearly a full tank of fuel for a mid-sized SUB (Sport Utility Buggy).


Q. True or False: Millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels that bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.

A. True. In fact, absent-minded squirrels were responsible for planting my tree that fell on Coach Bob Prescott’s house this past summer.


Which, ironically, brings us back to Panther football.

By the way, how many sports trivia questions did you get right?

That’s what I thought, so don’t question my authority on sports again.

Just believe your Panthers can win Friday night and make the trip to Triton Central to support them. It’s kind of a long drive, so make sure you fill up your SUB before you leave town.



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