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Inside the Chrome Dome (archive July 2007)

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 Jordan Jessup, Tori McDonald Winners of First ‘Chromy’ Awards

Television has the Emmys, the music industry has the Grammys, the sports world has the ESPYs, so for the Optimist Club youth baseball and softball programs, we might as well have the Chromys.

The Chromys won’t be accompanied by nifty trophies or fancy certificates, but they are intended to recognize some extra-special plays and people I’ve observed during the summer at the ball park.

So without hesitation (dramatic music, please), the 2007 Chromys are awarded to the following:


The Chromy for Defensive Play of the Year: Travis Isaacs, Adam Bundy and Mason Tinkle.

In the major league playoff game against the Tigers, the bases are full with no outs. Logan Whitaker hits a line drive that is snagged by the Tigers’ Travis Isaacs, and the runners are caught off base. Isaacs flips the ball to shortstop Adam Bundy, who covers second base. Bundy then fires the ball to Mason Tinkle covering third base and completing a 4-6-5 triple play.


The Chromy for Offensive Play of the Year: Jordan Jessup.

With two outs in the last inning of the major league championship game, the Cardinals were leading the Devil Rays 9-6. With one runner on base, Jordan Jessup slammed a two-run homer over the centerfield fence, stunning Cardinal fans and causing D’Ray fans to erupt. It was Jessup’s second home run of the championship game and couldn’t have come at a better time.


The Chromy for Best Game of the Year: Diamond Crushers and Little Sluggers.

The first game of the championship series, when the Diamond Crushers edged the Little Sluggers 15-14 to force a second game. The crowd was so in to the game that out-of-town visitors marveling at the Veteran’s Monument on the Town Square heard them and went to the park to see what all the commotion was about.


The Chromy for Greatest Overachievement: The Tigers.

That team lost seven games during the regular season, and then got hot in the playoffs. No one expected them to be there, but they played in the championship game. Great job by the players and coaches.


The Chromy for Outstanding Performance in a Championship Game:

Boys Major League: Jordan Jessup (3-for-3, two runs, three RBIs, two home runs).

Boys Minor League: Drake Peggs (3-for-3, three runs, triple, one shutout inning pitched).

Girls Major League: Mahaley Hagey (3 innings pitched, no hits, six strikeouts; single, two runs scored).

Girls Minor League: Tori McDonald, in two championship games, went 6-for-7 with three runs scored and had nine RBIs. She struck out nine batters in the final game.


The Chromy for Neatest player: Vivian Goodpaster.

The feisty little third baseman for the Pirates is the only girl playing in the boys baseball program, and that alone gets her bonus points. But she’s also a good ball player, always has her head in the game, and knows exactly what to do with the ball when it’s hit her way.


The Chromy for Best Unsung Hero: Quadere Noe.

The minor league Reds’ third baseman is one of many unsung heroes in the league, but gets the nod of the Dome. On a team that features the fearless foursome of Spencer Mattix, Drake Peggs, Kaden Gabbard and Alex Fields, Quadere just goes about his business with a golden glove and accurate arm on that long throw to first. He’s even got three brothers on the same team, so if anyone understands how tough it is to stand out from the crowd, he should know (Noe?).


Honorary Hero Chromy: Steve Wilkerson, Joe Peggs, Tonya McDonald and THAT GIRL.

Steve and Joe are relentless in the time and effort they spend running the girls and boys softball and baseball programs, respectively. No amount of credit given to those guys, and the Optimist Club, is enough. Tonya and THAT GIRL receive the Chromy for their special efforts, which were well beyond the call of duty. They supplied the bulk of the game results to The Banner from the summer leagues, which allowed for hundreds of kids to get credit for their accomplishments each week on the pages of The Banner. While there were plenty of coaches who also submitted game results, and we thank them too, Tonya and THAT GIRL went out of their way with painstaking attention to detail, resulting in the majority of the kids receiving credit for their athletic accomplishments in the leagues this summer.


Congratulations to all of the kids, coaches, volunteers and organizers of the Optimist Club youth programs. Once again, the program was first rate.




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