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Inside the Chrome Dome (archive May 2007)

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 In Youth Softball, Spelling Counts

Well, we’ve passed the first hurdle and you have to start somewhere.

For the first time in many years, The Banner will be attempting to publish the results of the Knightstown Optimist Club youth baseball and softball league games. We’ve got a few of those games in this week’s paper, and hopefully the effort will catch on and we can begin to consistently publish those results.

I just want to warn everyone that this isn’t going to be easy.

If I had any hair to lose, I would have lost it just trying to decipher the information I received this week. There are some youth program coaches who have gone out of their way to provide the information we need to get those game results in the paper and give the kids credit for their accomplishments. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

I have to admit, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I’m reminded of the day many years ago when someone warned me to “be careful of what you ask for, because you might just get it.”

Years ago when I first started writing sports stories, things were much easier. Kids were named Beth, John, David, Susan, etc. Today, parents have become a little more creative.

We now have Mackinsy, McKensie, Makensie, Mahaley, Mahalah, Madison, Michaela, Baylie, Britney, Brittany, Jordyn, Jordon, Jordan, Reasha, Ciara, Serria, Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kehleigh, Hayley, Lindsay, Lyndsie, Kamryn, Cameron and well, you get the picture. Those are just the girls names.

It’s never been easier to misspell a kids name than it is today. What compounds the problem is some of the wonderful people who volunteer to coach those youngsters also are not sure how to spell their names.

Subsequently, they submit game results to the newspaper with the names of kids spelled wrong, and we in turn publish those names incorrectly. My guess is that happened this week, and it’s probably going to happen again.

I’m sincerely sorry about that, but the possibility of all of those potential mistakes never occurred to me when I came up with the idea of printing the game results from all of those teams in that first-rate league run by our Optimist Club volunteers.

But my attitude isn’t changing, because nobody gets a hit every time they come to bat. We’re going to continue publishing game results, and we’re going to try to get all of the kids’ names spelled correctly. If your child’s name is misspelled in any of our sports stories, the best way to prevent a reoccurrence is to send me an email at I will try to compile an accurate roster of every team in an effort to prevent further mistakes.

Any coaches who already have a roster could help the situation by emailing or faxing it to me right away.

This week we received several girls major league and a couple of girls minor league game results, and you can find those on these sports pages. There are no boys’ game results because none were turned in to the newspaper.

I have provided the youth baseball and softball forms to each league director, and the forms are also available on The Banner website at

Every game result turned into the newspaper by noon on Mondays will be published in that week’s paper. It is impossible for me to be at those youth league games when there are at times a half-dozen high school athletic events occurring at the same time. That is the purpose of the pre-printed forms, which are self-explanatory and simple to complete.

With the cooperation of coaches, we can eventually get to the point where every game result, every run scored and every hit achieved will be credited on the pages of the newspaper.

We have a fax machine (345-2113), the email address previously listed, a drop-off slot on The Banner front door, or the forms can be completed and left at the Optimist Club concession stand. I’ll gladly pick them up.

Let’s work together to give all of the kids credit for their accomplishments. To do that, I need the help of every coach in the youth baseball and softball leagues.

And one more little note for the kids playing in those leagues: please make sure your coach knows how to spell your name.




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