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Inside the Chrome Dome (archive March 2007)

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 Don't Mistake the Chrome Dome for a Crystal Ball

I’ve had a ton of people tell me I’m wimping out by not offering predictions on the high school and college basketball champions like every other sports editor in the country likes to do.

Okay, I’ve only had five people tell me that. But if you put all five of those guys together, they don’t fall all that short of a ton.

Predicting the outcome of sports can be difficult and dangerous. If you are wrong, everyone expects you to bring the subject back up, and that’s never fun. Then again, if you are right….I don’t have a clue what happens then.

I haven’t had all that good of a year on predicting sports, or anything else for that matter. I said the Colts couldn’t win the Super Bowl because, based on history, teams named after animals don’t win that title. I got that advice from a 14-year-old girl, but nonetheless, I still went with the prediction.

I called the Panther football team’s turnaround right on schedule, but missed when I said the basketball team would do the same thing.

Just before the holidays I wrote about my wish list of things I expected to see happen for Christmas. You remember the 12 Days of Christmas” song? Let’s see how that turned out so far:

Twelve conflict free months. That pretty much went out the window in January.

Eleven fewer attorneys. We have heard from four representing the town alone. I have no idea how many new ones have been involved in the infamous “Teddy Bear Chronicles.” But there have definitely not been fewer attorneys.

Ten newly-paved streets. None, but it’s not exactly street-paving season yet. My baby brother on the town council said the money may be there to pave ten streets, so there’s an outside chance I have one right.

Woo-hoo! One right!

Nine government grants. To my knowledge, we’re off to a pretty bad start on that one.

Eight basketball wins. Only missed that by seven.

Seven board members listening. Technically, I got that one right. Unfortunately, they were just listening to some pretty shaky legal advice, so it’s really not what I had in mind.

Six percent for the teachers. Wow, not even close. What a shame.

Five co-he-sive coun-cil-men. We’re sending a dictionary over to town hall.

A fourth sectional title. Too much to ask for.

Three new retail shops. Not yet, but it’s still early.

Two KHS football fields. Probably will never happen, but it should. If for no other reason, I’d get another one of these predictions right.

And a year with no one suing CAB. Next year, I’m just going to ask for a week.

I’m not doing very well at all. So in yet another effort to please the masses, or in this case the massives, I’ll offer my predictions on the high school and college tournaments. You can take these to the bank, because the Chrome Dome sometimes doubles as a crystal ball for third grade birthday parties. But before I give you the basketball picks, I’ll offer two more bonus predictions for your reading pleasure.

One, the mighty New Castle Trojans will some day return to the Knightstown Panther basketball schedule. What a shame that series was discontinued.

And two, the Tri High Titans will change their nickname.

For my basketball picks, Indianapolis North Central will win the Class 4A title, Plymouth wins 3A, Winchester is an upset winner in 2A, and Oregon-Davis is a major upset winner in 1A.

My logic stems from the following four factors: I once fished in Oregon and I have a brother-in-law named Davis; I once owned a Winchester rifle; I drive a Plymouth; and I like schools named after directions.

The college basketball final four will consist of Ohio State, Florida, UCLA, and Texas. Ohio State will win because of intangibles, which I recently learned are not the miniature oranges we always ate during the holidays when I was a kid.


News Flashes

This just in from KHS Coach Chad Ballenger: The Knightstown Panthers have signed an agreement with the New Castle Trojans to resume their annual basketball game at the New Castle Fieldhouse in 2008.

And this just in from Banner reader Chris Sitler:

South Henry School Corporation officials are considering changing their athletic teams’ nickname from the Tri High Titans to the Tri High Teddy Bears.

Why? Because apparently, that’s what Tri High thinks arch-rival Knightstown fears the most.

That’s two predictions in a row.

I’m on a roll. Woo-hoo!




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