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Inside the Chrome Dome (archive February 2007)

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 Levi’s Shorts: A Fashion Statement or Strategy?

According to the people at TEB Associates International, a personal image training resource center, personal style comes out in the way we look from our head to our feet. It is how well we understand our color palette, what type and style of clothes fit our body, and how to best express our personality through these choices.

I did a little research on the subject of fashion Sunday afternoon because, well, I was waiting for the Super Bowl to start and the subject had been on my mind.


Some people say fashion sense is genetic. You either have it or you don’t.

I say it is also a direct reflection of how well an athlete will play in any particular sport. And I have proof.

Last Saturday, Knightstown’s freshman basketball team was playing Lapel in the championship game of the White River Athletic Conference tournament. The Panthers weren’t playing particularly well. Their shooting was off and their passes were a little lazy.

Except one player was having a terrific game. Levi Blair nailed a three-pointer in the first period, and then scored all eight of his team’s points in the second quarter. He got the first basket for Knightstown in the third quarter, and at that point, had scored 13 of the Panthers’ 18 points. They also led in the game 18-9, primarily because of his effective shooting.

He was in one of those grooves, and was feeling it. He was hot.

After a foul, the teams were setting up for an inbound play when someone from the Knightstown section yelled at Levi, asking him what was hanging down from the back of his basketball shorts.

After a quick inspection, he found a hanging drawstring. He then turned to the person in the crowd, laughed, and yelled, “Wow, I’ve got my shorts on backwards!”

It was clear he hadn’t realized that little miscue had occurred, or that the game had been momentarily going on without him. But the Panther crowd roared with laughter, and Levi went on to score what would prove to be the winning points later in the game when he hit a jumper that put his team up 24-19. He finished with 17 of Knightstown’s points in a 30-23 victory.

Was he making some kind of new-fangled fashion statement, like say, hats on backwards and tipped to one side? Have I missed another big cultural change, like the day I could no longer rent tapes for my Betamax?

I don’t think so. But I do think his outstanding performance can be directly tied to wearing his basketball shorts backwards.

With that being said, I have a suggestion for the varsity basketball team. Because of youth and inexperience, they have struggled through a 1-16 season and are on a six-game losing streak. There are four games remaining on the schedule, including one Thursday night at home against Greenfield-Central.

Put those shorts on backwards, eliminate those turnovers, and end that losing streak this weekend. If that doesn’t work, it won’t be because we don’t understand our color palette, whatever that is.


The Super Bowl

Okay, a couple of thoughts on the Super Bowl.

I had three reasons for wanting the Colts to beat the Bears, who happened to be my favorite childhood team before Indy got an NFL franchise.

One, my mother is a huge Colts fan, and I wanted her to get a world championship. Two, I am a huge Colts fan, and I wanted my team to win it all.

Three, I was sick and tired of hearing all about Florida.

Florida or its representatives have been winning everything lately. They won the NCAA basketball championship last year. They won the NCAA college football national championship in January. They even had a former Florida guy win the “Dancing With The Stars” competition (Emitt Smith, Florida graduate).

Bears’ quarterback Rex Grossman, a product of Florida State, made it to the Super Bowl, and to make things worse, all the national media talked about was how Peyton Manning never beat Florida while he was at the University of Tennessee.

I’m glad that’s all over. It was poetic justice that it ended in Miami.




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