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Anniversary Announcement Form

Use the form below to submit your anniversary announcement for $25 plus $5 per photo included. Those announcements that include a scheduled event should be submitted to us at least two weeks in advance. All announcements must include a daytime telephone number and an email address in case any details need to be checked. The couple must either currently reside in or previously resided in The Banner's coverage area (all towns/areas within 20 miles of Knightstown) for announcements to be published. Former residents please indicate where in The Banner's coverage area you previously resided.

Photo(s) of the couple paid to be included with the announcement should be of good quality, either black-and-white or color. Photos may be brought to the newspaper office at 24 N. Washington Street in Knightstown or  mailed to: The Banner, PO Box 116, Knightstown, IN 46148 or emailed to Also, on the confirmation page following completion of the form below there will be an option for you to upload a photo from your computer .

We reserve the right to edit announcements, to determine size and location of both pictures and copy and to refuse photos of unacceptable quality and/or size. Acceptable sizes are wallet size and up to 8x10s. No profiles, Polaroid or long-distance shots will be accepted. Photos may be picked up at the newspaper's office after publication or will be returned by mail if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided.

 Anniversary Announcement Form:
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