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Our website is an extension of The Banner print edition with the publication of the weekly local newspaper still being our main priority. As a family-owned small business, The Banner unfortunately does not have the financial resources to hire additional staff to work full-time on the website. All aspects of the business and editorial operations of The Banner are handled exclusively by a husband and wife team with contributions from a few independent news correspondents and columnists.

Today's social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter now allow us to communicate immediately with our readers in between each week's publication. If you are looking for information on breaking news or current events, our Facebook page (Knightstown Banner) is a better place to find information.

For paid subscribers who have registered their email address with us, each week's issue of The Banner is made available on our Online Editions page about 12 hours before it even comes off the press. Our paid subscribers also have access to all issues of The Banner going back to January 2007. A two-week free trial of the e-edition of The Banner is also available.

With our limited resources, we prefer to spend our time in between publications gathering news, taking photos, writing stories, talking with advertisers and readers, as well as handling the demands of bookkeeping so that we can keep operating.

Thus, our website is used mainly as an historical archive. When time permits, we add new photo slideshows, update our extensive obituary archive, and post copies of news-related documents that we are unable to share in the pages of The Banner. Though paid subscribers have access every week to the most recent issue with its current news and advertising, updates to our website tend to take place only periodically.

If you are interested in updates to only certain aspects of the website such as obituaries or sports, let us know. Informing us of what interests you the most lets us to know how to spend our limited time for website development. Questions and comments about the website can be directed to

Thank you for your interest in The Banner! Your support is essential to our continued publication of this 145-year old community newspaper.